Does Your Website Design Display Properly Online?

Just having a website doesn’t guarantee that you will have success online.

There are many different factors that need to be considered before launching your website.

Many business owners launching their website wind up failing, because they either did not seek the advice of an expert or they chose to ignore it.

Make Sure Your Website Works On All Of The Top Internet Browsers

Most people have their favorite internet browser that they like to use…

…but that does not mean that you should ignore the other ones.

This can be any of them from Google Chrome to Safari to Internet Explorer and more…

You will find that your customers will use different browsers to visit your website…

…and this can be different from device to device as well.

Maybe they use Google Chrome on their desktop, and then Safari on their phone and tablet.

Make sure your website designer has tested your site across all of the major browsers for compatibility.

If not, and your website is not working on one of them, your visitors will leave and go to your competitors – thus resulting in lost business opportunities.


This can easily be prevented, by making sure this is done before you launch your website.

If you are investing time and/or money into the marketing of your website, something like this can cause your ROI to drop dramatically.

When looking at your website statistics and you see that people are leaving your site after just a few seconds of arriving, this could be the reason.

Top 5 Internet Browsers

StatCounter Global Stats reports on the top 5 browsers for 12 months here:

  • Google Chrome came in number one at: 54.13%
  • Then Internet Explorer came in second at: 15.46%
  • Firefox in 3rd at: 14.72%
  • Safari in 4th at: 9.37%
  • Opera in 5th at: 1.81%

On a side note, as of the time of writing this article, I recommend using Google Chrome for all of your web browsing.

It’s safer to browse the web using Chrome, super fast loading large websites and videos, and has a lot of nice features to enhance your browsing experience.

If you’re currently using Internet Explorer, give Chrome a try and I bet you never go back!

If you do, make sure to let me know.

Don’t Lose Out On New Business

If your website is not working with one of the top browsers that people use, what else might be wrong with your website?

We include testing all of the websites we design and build across all of the major internet browsers in our standard operating procedures…so that you never have to worry about losing business because your website is not working on a specific browser.

For responsive Maryland Website Design services that work across all of the major browsers click here.

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