What Types Of SEO Are There?

Are you happy with the results your SEO campaign is getting?

Or maybe you are thinking about getting started with a Maryland SEO Company, but want to make sure you make the right decision.

You want to get results, but you probably don’t want to do it at the expense of getting banned by Google.

Many SEO companies in Maryland use techniques based around spammy and “black-hat” (dangerous and manipulative) methods that are frowned upon by Google and the other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

You may see good initial results with these types of SEO campaigns but they are short lived.

You run a very high risk of getting your website penalized, and damaging your business’ reputation.

In the last few years Google has implemented search algorithm updates such as Penguin and Pandathat check for these types of tactics, and swiftly penalize these websites.

Some of these tactics include:

  • Spammy backlinks, comments, and forum postings
  • Poor quality content
  • Automated software
  • Keyword Stuffing

Websites using these types of non organic SEO campaigns ultimately find themselves penalized and their results diminished.

Moz one of the top informational sites on SEO outlined a case study of a company that had typical poor SEO problems.

They had been using a SEO company that was using spammy tactics for their website.

Because of this Moz stated that the company was losing considerable revenue as a direct result of this low quality SEO work.

Organic SEO (sometimes referred to as White Hat or Ethical SEO) on the other hand, like those used by Maryland based Pro Formula Marketing, provides Google with exactly what it wants, therefore protects your reputation and provides effective results for the long run.

I’ll explain below, the differences between organic and non organic search engine optimization…

…and also the reasons it makes sense to choose organic, and why you may need to invest a bit more for it.


Organic SEO uses quality techniques done by hand (meaning that the task is performed by an actual person and not a robot or automated software program) that are safe, useful, and provide long lasting results.

It essentially gives the search engines exactly what they want, which is to provide the most relevant useful results for whatever the visitor is searching for.

This is done by:

  • Proper keyword and market research
  • Properly coded websites optimized for the search engines
  • Properly structured websites to enhance the user experience
  • High quality relevant content produced by humans that is thoroughly researched and prepared.
  • Entire process done by humans compliant with the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Done for the long-term – useful and safe techniques that provide value to the end user.


Non-Organic SEO uses paid or automated software techniques to try and manipulate the search engines into ranking websites higher.

This is done with low quality spammy and dangerous tactics that go against the search engine’s (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…) terms and conditions.

Any results are short lived, as the search engines have become much more sophisticated in the last few years to find and penalize these tactics.

Using such things as:

  • Automated Software tools used to duplicate the work of a human. This distributed spam is done to try and deceive the search engines.
  • Goes against the Google Webmaster Guidelines and other major search engines.
  • Experience short term results until you get penalized.
  • Thin, poor quality and often duplicate content stuffed with keywords. This type of content is produced for the search engines and does not provide value to the visitor.
  • Low quality paid services using automated “robots” to generate sometimes thousands of backlinks, social media followers, and Facebook likes very quickly.
  • White text on white background so that the search engines can “see” the hidden keywords but people visiting your site will not.

Long Term SEO Results

As you can see Organic SEO is more labor intensive, and requires more experience, know-how, and skill on every level.

It may take a bit longer to do and be a bit more expensive, but once set in motion there will be much more stable, long term results…

…without having to worry about the penalties from the unethical tactics noted above.

Is the SEO company that you are currently using taking unneeded risks with your online marketing?

Are you unhappy with your current results?

Do you want to get started with SEO done properly for sustainable, long-term success?

We use only organic SEO done by hand here at Pro Formula Marketing to provide you with great results…

…and so that you never have to worry about getting banned or penalized by the search engines.

We take your business reputation very seriously and would never do anything to put you in jeopardy.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

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