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How To Professionally Represent Your Company Online To Get More Clients and Increase Your Sales

There’s nothing worse than having a prospect search for your website, whether they were referred to you or are shopping around, and either you have no website, or it looks like it was done 15 years ago.

…and if you do have a website, you can’t figure out why it’s not bringing in more business.

You only get one chance at a first impression and your website can either make or break the first thoughts that go into your prospects head.

Statistics show that most visitors will gain an impression on your business in the first 10 seconds that they come to your site……another words……….design matters.

People have very short attention spans online and if they don’t like what they see they will leave your site immediately, and go to one of your competitors.

My name is David Simpson and I have created Pro Formula Marketing to provide business owners with websites that not only look good but also perform well converting your prospects into clients, and making your company more money.

There is no need to struggle with not having a quality website, or trying to do it yourself anymore, and losing potential clients.

I have been online marketing for 10 years and in that time I have researched what makes 1 website outperform another.

Why a prospect buys from one company and not from another.

Tested many theories to see what actually works in the real world when it comes to website design.

Based on that testing we provide:

  • Great design – so that visitors to your site will get a great first impression of your company and feel confident in using you for the services that they need to have completed.
  • Fast Loading Websites – so that Google sends you more traffic, and your visitors stay on your site longer and don’t get frustrated and leave because your site takes too long to load.
  • Coded correctly behind the scenes – So that your website stays in good graces with the search engines, stays secure, doesn’t break, and works like it’s supposed to all of the time.
  • Up to date for search engines – so that you have a better chance of showing up in the search engines when someone in your target market searches for a relevant term related to the services that you provide.
  • Mobile Responsive – so that your website looks just as good and functions properly on tablets and mobile phones. The percentage of people searching the internet on mobile phones is skyrocketing every year. (*Analyst predict that there will be more local searches coming from mobile than PCs by 2015 in the US. So it is very important that your website is optimized to display properly on all types of devices i.e. desktop, tablets, phones, etc…).
  • Fixed Pricing – so that you will never have to worry about increased costs after we have started your job.
  • Optimized for conversions – so that your website gives you the best chance of converting a prospect into a paying client and increasing your sales. This is based on factual statistics and research of what has proven to work in the past.
  • Visitors stay on site longer – so that prospects will consume more of the information that you provide about your business on your website, instead of going to one of your competitors.
  • Websites that sell – so that your site not only looks good but takes prospects that visit your website down the path of “knowing, liking, and trusting” you so that they want to do business with you.
  • Font and text layout designed for readability – so that visitors can easily read the content on your site without having to squint at the screen, or getting annoyed and leaving your site. We have the formulas for fonts, sizing, and line spacing that people find the most appealing to read. We will use these on your website to provide the optimal user-experience.
  • Professional Copywriting – we can provide you with expertly written website text that is proven to increase your conversion rates
  • Referrals visit your site to check you out – so that when someone goes online to check you out after they have been referred to you they feel confident that they are making the correct choice in doing business with you.
  • Pre-sells leads – so that when prospects contact you about doing business your website has already pre-sold them and they are more ready to do business with you.
  • Promotes you and your company as the authority in your market – so that visitors to your site will automatically see you as the premiere company in your niche and the one to spend their hard earned money with.

Here is what some of our clients that we have worked with have had to say:

“I Have Increased The Visibility Of My Website And Translated That Into Revenue”
– Karen Gibbs, Former CNBC Anchor and Senior Business Correspondent for FOX News Channel

“I Receive Compliments On A Regular Basis Regarding My Websites”
– Cory Zajdel, Esq.

“We Have Landed Some Of Our Biggest Jobs From Our Website”
– Matt Balotin

I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the design of your new website, or we will make any requested changes until you are.

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If you don’t get a professionally designed conversion optimized website you will continue to:

  • Struggle day to day to make profits
  • Work too hard for too few customers
  • Keep getting what you’ve always got
  • See your competitors get the business

Every day that you wait you could be missing out on hundreds of potential prospects looking online for services that you provide in your area.

Or…you could be getting referrals that are going online to check you out and they are either not seeing anything or your current website is not presenting you as the authority in your marketplace, like it should be.

That can all end and you can start marketing your business online effectively starting today.


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