Website Maintenance

You’ve already put in the work to get your website up and running…

…but maybe there are a a few things you need updated, but you don’t want to spend a lot more money fixing them.

You lack the skills to do it yourself, and even if you didn’t’, you don’t have the time to do it while running your business.

If you only had access to website experts for only a few hours.

You might find an incredibly low offer for website services, and think “that’s a great price”…

…but in the back of your mind you worry if the coding will be correct, if they will break your site, or if the offer was just to get you to start, and then you will be charged for many more hours than you were initially quoted.

Thankfully, Pro Formula Marketing are chosen by many small businesses for their combined technical and marketing skills to provide design updates, fixes, and make sure their websites are, and remain secure.

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We have created a system for website maintenance and updates that allows you to purchase blocks of work in advance.

For services such as:

Website Design And Editing Things Like:

  • Website Design & Layout
  • Updating Text and Pictures
  • Logo Design
  • Technical Support

Hosting And Security Things Like:

Making sure your website software is up-to-date – So that you can rest assured that the back-end of your website is secure, functioning properly, and staying ahead of the curve.

Security against hackers – So that you are protected from the many online threats that exist today.

Keep your Website loading fast – So that your visitors stay on your site longer and the search engines keep you in their good graces with a fast loading site.

Provide great up time (% of time site is visible) – So that you know your site will display properly when a prospect visits. Some hosting services can be unreliable and the servers that display your site to the public are frequently down and offline.

Provide automated backups – Provides you piece of mind in case your website is hacked or files are mistakenly deleted. You can be back up and running very quickly with a secure backup in place.

Maintenance Packages:

Click here to inquire about our maintenance packages.

Hourly rates are also available upon request.  There is no hourly minimum, so if the work only takes 20 minutes, you only get charged for 20 minutes.

Contact us today to get your updates completed correctly and with proper coding behind the scenes.

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